Talent alignment optimized for enterprises.

Vetlign’s AI engine synchs all your job openings to qualified US Military veterans automatically. No more translating resumes, guessing about qualifications, or sitting through job fairs.

Overcome Gaps

Vetlign overcomes your companies knowledge gaps about various military skill sets.

Deep Connections

Vetlign makes the deep connections between military and civilian skill sets for you.

Accelerate Hiring

Vetlign compliments and accelerates your present Veteran hiring programs rather than replacing.

Vet Specific

Vetlign is specifically designed for vet hiring and goes way beyond flawed MOS matching engines.

Veterans see jobs they qualify for in under 60 seconds.

Vetlign complements your processes rather than replacing them. With Vetlign Software as a Service (SaaS) you can now see every Veteran that visits our military hiring page, and Furthermore, the system allows you to reach out to every qualified Veteran that qualifies for your opportunities – automatically.

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Introducing Vetlign Spouse

Military Spouses have non traditional paths and experiences that may not easily fit to a resume. No more guessing if you match an opportunity, or figuring out how to get noticed by the hiring manger on the other side – Vetlign gets both sides talking.

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vetlign spouse

Submit and See Immediately.

Oplign’s Context Learning Engine Overwatch and streamlined workflow allows enterprises to rapidly upload their job postings, immediately view all the Oplign Profiles that qualify for a specific job, and dynamically view the qualifications of each Oplign user.

Qualify and Close in Hours not Weeks.

Oplign allows qualified users to indicate their interest for each job, and for the enterprise to contact any qualified user.

Align and Find the Best Vets.

VetMatch is Oplign’s way of making sure Veterans have the access, awareness and engagement tools they need to find meaningful employment. VetMatch takes the middleman out of getting qualified Vets and employers in touch with each other so they can each meet their immediate job needs.

On with a flip of a swith. Optimized with a few clicks.

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Veteran or transitioning military member looking for employment? Find out how Vetlign can help.