About Us

We were there once – Bragg, Bagram, Pearl, Wright-Pat, Irbil, Pendleton, Okinawa, Vicenza – and now we’re here. We’ve been Airmen, and Petty Officers, and Warrants, and Captains, and Colonels. We’ve been CEOs, and SVPs, and Managers, and Journeymen, and unemployed. We’ve tried to do this the smart way, but only after doing this thing the hard way… far too many times.

We’ve done it enough to come fully around to what we learned that first day they shaved our head and handed us the uniform – it’s not about us. This site, what it does, who it helps, how it aligns Vets, that’s what this is about. In the end this site is about helping you and whatever team you belong to, do it smarter and faster and better. This is about all of us seeking, striving, and getting better and Vetlign is just one tool to help you along the way.

Our Mission: Get America Working

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