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Create a Profile and see the jobs you align to simply by entering your Branch, Rank and MOS automatically. It's the world’s most advanced veteran employment application designed, developed and managed by veterans.

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Vetlign Veteran military job search machine learning

Does your job search engine use machine learning?
It should.

Stop wasting endless hours writing and rewriting resumes. All you need is a single Profile in Vetlign.

Vetlign is a breakthrough technology that allows Veterans and transitioning service members to immediately sync to open job opportunities simply.

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Vetlign Military Specific job search software

Military specific job search and MOS translation algorithm.

Vetlign knows you’re more than an MOS, and uses your Advanced Skill Indicators (ASI's), deployments, clearances, collateral duties, awards, military platform quals, military systems quals, languages, leadership quals, and other unique characteristics to align you correctly.

No more resume churn, or guessing if your military experiences match you to an given opportunity, or figuring out how to get noticed by the hiring manger on the other side – Vetlign makes the match automatically to get both sides talking.

How it works

Other sites work by matching words between your resume and a job posting, whereas Vetlign’s Artificial intelligence engine works by understanding the “Context” of your military experiences and matching them to the “Context” of open jobs.

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    Branch, Rank, MOS

    Vetlign understands how your military skills and experience aligns you to civilian and goverment jobs. Just start by entering your Branch, Rank and MOS.

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    Build your profile automagically

    Select the skills you have and immediately see the jobs you initially qualify for, continue checking off the job requirements you meet for each position to automatically build your profile.

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    Jobs on Target. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

    Vetlign software gets smarter as you use it and sends you jobs you’re fully qualified to view. Once fully qualified for a job, you and the selected companies can start messaging directly. No more wasting time.

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    You're Hired.

Vetlign users

"I really like the app. I'd say it's probably the best employment app that I have ever used. I like the menus and the search results were fantastic."

Intelligence Sergeant
SFC, US Army National Guard