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Know exactly what jobs you align to and are qualified for on a company’s career site in seconds. We’re Veterans too, so you’ll never pay to use the system ever.

We hate the internet advertising model more than you’ll know, so we will never spam you or sell your info.

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One more thing. We’ve learned that Veterans are in the best position to help other Veterans. To that end...

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  • 2.If you get hired using Vetlign, please let us know. We want to celebrate your success.
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Vetlign isn’t a Veteran Job Board or worthless MOS translator

Vetlign is a Global Employment Intelligence Platform designed for Veterans by Veterans. With Vetlign, you turn yourself into the “Signal” that can now instantaneously interrogate the entire labor market. You can immediately understand how all your skills align to the labor market, what jobs you are Initially and Fully Qualified for, what companies have those jobs, what your major skills gaps are, and the path forward to any target jobs.

Vetlign knows you’re more than an MOS, and uses your Advanced Skill Indicators (ASI's), languages, leadership quals, and other characteristics to align you correctly to the right job. No more resume churn; guessing if your military experiences match you to any given opportunity; randomly searching company career pages or ubiquitous job boards; or figuring out how to get noticed by the hiring manager on the other side.

Vetlign makes the match automatically to get both sides talking.

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Vetlign targets every Veteran to the optimal job for them at any company, so they can optimize all their skills and experiences ASAP.

Supercharge Veteran Hiring Today – for Free.

A military data and experience translator that revolutionizes the way you understand the qualifications of Veterans.

Just post Vetlign directly on your careers page site and Veteran candidates do the rest automatically.

Veteran Hiring Benefits

  • Every Veteran that hits your career site knows exactly which jobs they are qualified to apply for.
  • Qualified Veterans are now applying to the right job (fully qualified and meeting preferred quals) 2-5x faster.
  • Veterans at any Job Fair you attend know exactly which job to talk to you about before they talk to you.

Time and Cost Saving Benefits

  • No changes to any workflow, to any technology, to anything you do today, and Veteran hiring yield increases!
  • 25-50% elimination of transaction costs involved in targeting and sourcing Veteran candidates.
  • Increase in Veteran traffic to your site via Vetlign means finding more Vets 24/7/365 with less work.

Companies helping Veterans and themselves with Vetlign right now.

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The Vetlign Suite has all the tools companies and third parties need to optimize Veteran hiring.



Unlimited Job Postings
  • Veterans auto-syncing to jobs directly posted on Career Site.
  • Veterans targeted into your ATS on the optimal job for them.
  • Dynamic reporting on Veteran visits and conversions.
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$300 - $3000/month
Unlimited Job Postings
  • View how all Veterans are syncing to jobs on career site in real time.
  • Turbocharge your social media outreach programs by pushing your jobs out to Veterans through our Vetlign Social application.
  • Get alerts for high value Vets synching to your jobs daily.
  • Establish a real time Veteran Talent Network that works and is truly data networked
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Unlimited Job Postings
Unlimited Users
  • All Vetlign Benefits, plus more.
  • Use our Vetlign Spouse application on your career site to optimize military spouse hiring initiatives.
  • Real time valuations of Veteran skills sets to your posted jobs.
  • See prioritized rankings of Vet candidates based on real time value.
  • Have optimal Veteran candidates vectored to you directly from Vetlign’s Curated Network.
  • Access to Vetlign affinity syndicates.
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Unlimited Job Postings
Unlimited Users
  • All Vetlign and Vetlign PRIME benefits plus.
  • Add the Vet Fairlign Network and align Vets to your jobs automatically at any Job Fair you attend
  • Add Vetlign UpSkiller, and see the best way to Upskill your present Veteran workforce.
  • Add Vetlign Index and view how competitive you are for Veteran talent across various markets.
  • Vetlign Analytics.
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Third Parties and Veteran Service Organizations

Know how all Veterans align and qualify for opportunities in your region, function, or niche.

Does your Veteran Service Organization (VSO) focus on helping veterans find employment? Are you fed up with low yield job fairs wasting time?


Transition Assistance that is game changing.

Oplign turns jobs into data. This allows transitioning service members to understand how they align with jobs for which they qualify simply by entering their Branch, Rank, and MOS.


A Force Multiplier for Veteran Services Organizations (VSO)

Improve veterans’ lives through better employment and a new mission. Vetlign is free to you and your organization.


Turn Job Fairs into Alignment Events

Vetlign’s data exchange converts the chaos of a job fair into a universal alignment event. Quickly match companies with qualified candidates.

Vetlign solves these complex problems...


Transitioning Military and Veterans struggle to understand how their military skills and experiences can be applied and qualified to jobs in the commercial market.

Current resources available to Veterans to find jobs and transition into new careers are misguided, sporadic, and not scalable.

Companies remain ill-prepared to fully understand how the syntax and jargon of military skills, platforms, experience, and qualifications aligns to their open jobs.

The OnPoint Suite allows anyone to understand exactly how every Veteran in your area aligns to, qualifies for, or has gaps against current job openings

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